About Us

     Focke Building Materials Co., Ltd.is a high-tech enterprise, specialized in R & D, manufacturing, sales of wood plastic composite products, like composite decking floor,wpc fence , wpc wall panels, wpc flower box, wpc tiles and so on.

    We are always improving ourself to provide better quality products and efficient service for distributor in resource optimization, improving productivity and managerial skill, rich product structure.

   We hope to grow with you together!


Fockewpc? terrace decking, facade cladding, fencing and railing products are made from a homogeneous combination of natural materials - wood/rice husk and plastic fibers.

This unique combination of nature and technology offers all the beauty, strength, and variety of natural wood and durability of plastic making Fockewpc? composite products naturally, high-quality with greater resistance to moisture, mold, mildew, UV and staining.

The colors, comfort and durability homeowners want. The design flexibility and performance your projects demand. The solutions you need to build a better decksupported by a company with experience and a commitment to better and green living.

Our composite products are free from formaldehyde and completely non-toxic. Made from 63% reclaimed wood or rice husks fiber, 27% High Density polyethylene plastic and 10 percent additives including binding agents, UV-inhibiting pigments, etc.

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